Direct Marketing for Mobile Fleet Washing Businesses

If you own a mobile Fleet washing business or a pressure washing company then you should consider using direct-mail advertising to get to the clientele that you are interested in. There are many ways to do this and one of the easiest ways is to get with a direct-mail company that sends out packages and coupons out to specific ZIP codes.

If you own a mobile Fleet washing business it makes sense to send your flyers for Fleet washing to areas where high-income net worth individuals live because they are the ones that own businesses or are executive managers of large companies that have fleets of vehicles. You should also ask the advertising executive for the direct-mail company if they have zip code mailings that are motly business districts and those too should be mailed out to in order to get more fleet washing accounts.

A mobile Fleet washing company should also send flyers, which are inserted into the Chamber of Commerce newsletter, which is mailed out to all members. If you live in a large city then you may be able to pick up a book of lists, which has the names and addresses and contact information for the largest companies in various market sectors. You should then fax a bid sheet or proposal to wash all their vehicles or send them in an envelope with your flyer and information that is handwritten on the envelope. Please consider all this in 2006.

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