Google AdWords: The Next Generation of Search Marketing

Google sets themselves in a league of their own above other search engines by their relentless pursuit of new ideas, inventions and technologies that emerge from the depths of Google Labs to become a reality. Google AdWords in particular stands out from other PPC marketing platforms by the enormous leaps and bounds that they have taken throughout the last several months that are changing the face of the search engine marketing industry. Several of the new technologies that are quickly turning AdWords into a marketing Mac truck include Click-To-Play Video ads, Pay-Per-Call ads as well as Google Publication Ads.

Click-To-Play Video Ads

Google has recently announced plans to launch a new form of advertising that is undoubtedly going to revolutionize the search engine marketing industry. Click-To-Play Video Ads are the newest edition to the AdWords advertising arsenal. This new spin on AdWords advertising gives the campaign manager the same control over the ads as they have with static image ads throughout the Contextual Advertising network.

You will be able to show your ad on a specific web site of your choice or you may also choose for your ad to appear along with content that is directly related to your products or services in order to generate pre-qualified visitors to your site. As always you have complete control over geographic targeting which means you have the option to show your video ads on an international, national or local level.

The Click-To-Play Video ads will initially appear as static images when the web page first loads. You then possess the ability to actually interact with the advertisement, the video will begin with a single click to the play button that appears directly below the ad. Furthermore you may advance the video by means of a slider bar, adjust the volume, pause the video or click through directly to the advertiser’s web site. The element of interaction within an advertisement not only triggers the potential customers curiosity but also provides a fabulous method for an advertiser to really solidify their company’s brand into the minds of the viewer.

Over the last several days I have heard a lot of buzz going around the different search engine forums and throughout the blogosphere stating that AdWords Click-To-Play Video Ads would provide beneficial results solely for the big brand, fortune 500 companies. It is true that big brand advertiser will most definitely benefit from this method of advertising. On the other hand the way I see it is a means of evening out the playing field to grant an opportunity for smaller up and coming companies to show off their products and services in the same lime light as the giant corporations.

The video ads will be able to be displayed in several different formats including Flash, image and animated ads. You also have quite a variety of different sizes that you may pick from for creating your video ad that include:

Skyscraper (120 x 600)

Wide Skyscraper (160 x 600)

Banner (468 x 60)

Inline (300 x 250)

Leaderboard (728 x 90)

Pay-Per-Call Ads

For the last several months Google has been experimenting with a method of advertising know as Pay-Per-Call Ads. Ads that appear on search engine results pages (SERP’S) are accompanied with a small green telephone icon. Upon clicking the ad Google will then call the searcher then Google will dial the advertiser and whoala you are connected.

When you become connected to the advertiser Google will block the call thus, the phone number that you are calling from will be confidential from the advertiser. Google will not share your phone number with any third parties and after a four month time period your number will be deleted from Google’s database.

There are a number of benefits that come along this form of advertisement. For example, you are able to instantly initiate a customer relationship starting right from the branding stage and retain that relationship all the way to the transaction stage. You are able to offer explanation into complex aspects of your products or services. You possess the ability to quickly overcome any objectives that your customer may have and instantaneously offer clear concise solutions that will benefit your customer. A prediction from Kelsey Group states that the Pay-Per-Call Advertising market will flourish to become a $1.4 to $4 billion dollar industry by the year 2009.

Pay-Per-Call Advertising is not exactly considerate cutting edge news. MIVA, Ingenio and Jambo just to name a few have been serving these types of ads for some time now. As Google has proved in the past they do not need to necessarily reinvent the wheel in order to offer a top of the line product that proves to be extremely beneficial for all parties including the consumers as well as the advertisers.

Google Publication Ads

Recently Google has been experimenting with AdWords campaign managers placing ads in select print publications. The ad formats that have been tested range from templated ads and text ads to full page spread ads. Where your ads appear is based on an auction type format much the same as the AdWords bidding system. How the process works is you will compete head to head with other advertisers and set a max bid price. When the bidding stage closes the winning bidders campaign manager will be contacted by a Google representative who will notify them and work along with them to produce an advertisement that is ready for print publication. If you are declared the winner of the auction you will never pay more than what you set as your max bid, in fact you may very well end up paying less than what you originally set as your max bid.

At present there is a wide range of publications that are participating in the Google Print Ads program including popular publications such as lifestyle, automotive and technology. To be more specific a few of the magazines that are participating consist of PC Magazine, Maximum PC, Budget Living, Information Week, Motor Trend, Outdoor Photographer along with many other popular titles.

As Google continues to experiment and explore with print advertising it will not be long at all before they create a highly effective, efficient way for Google AdWords advertisers to break free of the computer screen and stretch out to reach readers of popular magazine publications all over the world.


My intentions as you were reading through this article were to explain to you how the folks over at Google AdWords are constantly striving to bring to the table cutting edge products and services that are highly beneficial to both the advertisers as well as the consumer. There is no doubt that AdWords will continue its quest for creative new services that will secure their position at the top of the search engine marketing podium.

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