How Do I Build a Great Direct Marketing Mailing Lists?

Imagine you’re trying to start a conversation about baseball in a room of 100 strangers. These 100 people have been picked at random from the entire U.S. population. How many of these folks would want or be able to engage in this conversation with you?

Now imagine that these 100 strangers are just as random EXCEPT they all like sports. How much more successful will you be in your conversation about baseball? Even if 30 people in the room only like basketball, and find baseball dull, you’ll find your efforts will be wildly better received. People in this room will leap to join the conversation!

Marketing is communication, and the relevance of your message to your audience (likely leads, prospects and past clients) will determine its effectiveness. Relevant marketing means both communicating the value
of your service in a meaningful way (the special offers that excite your audience, showing how you are a quality business partner) and finding the audience for whom your services are useful. You have control over how and to whom you market; finding your key audience is more than half the battle in effective marketing.

If you can stack the room with 100 people who would be better off for your product or service, you’ll be overwhelmed with new clients.

I like to think of building a mailing list as making a portrait of a perfect sales prospect. Consider a variety of angles from which to etch this portrait:

* You can use a mailing list to describe your customers and leads by Demographic Data and Household Type. Does your product or service importantly cater to married couples, families with young children, or older people? Do your customers fit a particular educational profile or income level? If you deal in luxury goods, your clients can match a wealthier socio-economic profile; if you operate a used car dealership, your list can focus on middle class families, and young single people in your area.

* A consumer’s private interests, passions, and hobbies often determine their receptiveness to marketing communication. Use Lifestyle Data to find prospects that like your niche services (be it fishing, gardening, leisure travel, golf, and beyond!) and you’ll find an audience engaged by and even appreciative of your message. Mailing coupons for your pet store to all the dog owners in your area, for example, pleases your prospects with utility and relevance.

* You want a leads list based on Home Value or Mortgages? You can choose your prospects by home market value, property lot size (helpful for landscapers!), recency of home improvement, pool type and more. You can also make a list based on home equity, mortgage amount (first, second, or total), mortgage expiration date, and mortgage interest type and rate.

Mailing lists can be as effective as your business expertise!

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