Maximizing Your Article Marketing

So, you have just written a beautifully scripted, well researched, content
rich, keyword placed, grammatically perfect article, and you’ve got absolutely
zero additional hits to your website! What has gone wrong? Well, here’s a quick
checklist of some of the internet article marketing tricks you may have missed
out on:

Did you remember to include your name?

You’d be amazed at the number of people who write great website articles and
then find that all their internet article marketing efforts full flat because
(a) they either didn’t include or forgot to include their name in the by-line of
the article; or (b) they posted the article on a site where accreditation for
the article is not allowed. Keep in mind, if the reader doesn’t know who you
are, how are they going to find you?

Did you provide a URL?

You should always remember that people are inherently lazy. When it comes to the
Internet, this counts doubly so! As a result, when you submit your article for
publication, make sure you maximize your article marketing potential by
including a URL to your website so all the reader needs to do is to click and be
redirected directly to your site.

Have you included your details?

Although not necessarily beneficial to increasing the traffic to your website
directly, many readers feel more familiar and trusting with a writer who
includes a little information about themselves in the resource box at the foot
of the article. This way the reader get learn something about you and a
relationship of trust can be built up between you and the reader. In turn, it
likely that the reader will be more likely to visit your website as a trusting,
familiar, and friendly person. Exactly the type of potential customer you’ll be
looking for!

Did you maximize your article marketing exposure?

The art of article marketing is not only writing a great article, but also
making sure you place that article on a site that gives it maximum exposure.
Consequently, there is absolutely no point putting all your effort into a great
piece of work, if you have done no research about the website where it will be
posted. Because, if the website where the article is posted gets no hits, then
good or bad your article isn’t going to get many referrals to your site – which
is the whole point of article marketing! What’s more, where possible, you should
always consider maximizing your article marketing potential by placing the same
well-written article on as many different publishing websites as you possibly
can. Hopefully this will increase the referrals and traffic to your website.

Have you frightened the reader?

Even when you have written a great piece, the way you structure the layout of your article can have a dramatic affect on your reader. For example, if you have
a resource box that details your website URL and credentials, you need to make
sure that the space this takes up is no more than 1/5th of your total article
space. To do otherwise will usually result in the layout of your article having
a negative impact on the reader – especially the reader’s first impression. As
such, your well written article will go unread.

Maximizing referrals to your website via implementing a successful article
marketing strategy is not overly difficult. You do, however, need to give it
some thought. And, having written a great piece of work in the first place,
isn’t it worth the extra effort to make sure you get that piece working for you
by directing as much traffic to your website as possible?

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