The Current Power of Direct Mail

While attending a session at the annual Direct Marketing Association Conference & Exhibition in San Diego this year, I was part of an interesting discussion about direct mail, it’s direction and it’s current power.

We all know that the USPS is in financial troubles, postage rates have gone up and direct mail volume has been recently shrinking. What does this mean for the business owner and direct mailer that are still mailing? Well for one, it does mean that you’re paying more per mailed piece. However, because the volume of direct mail has shrunk, your message stands out to prospects more than ever. Recipients of your piece are paying more attention to it, and if you’ve crafted a relevant offer, more recipients of your offer are turning into paying customers. So while the initial cost of your campaign may increase slightly because of postage, your return on investment (ROI) could be exponentially larger than it may have been just a year or two ago.

While many people are going digital to subsidize costs, it still makes perfect sense to keep a proven communication channel in your direct marketing arsenal. Best practice would suggest that you use offline communication channels like direct mail to engage the user in an online fashion. An example would be sending a mail piece that encourages users to visit your website or Facebook page for a coupon catered to them.

The bottom line: Direct Mail is more powerful now than ever: target your prospects and let it work for you!

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