Things to Know Before Renting a Dumpster in Houston, TX

People worldwide rent dumpster services for disposing of civil and commercial waste. The most profitable and cost-effective way of dealing with massive trash is renting portable dumpsters. These are super useful in disposing of a large amount of waste generated during a building project over a short time. Renting a dumpster is not an easy task, and hence you must know some prerequisites before you begin the process.

1. Permits required

You will have to seek specific permits before placing a rented dumpster unit on your property. Only some local authorities check for this permit. In most cases, the permit is necessary only when you place the dumpster on or near the street. To know about the exact requirements of your area, get in touch with the local building permit office. Getting a clear idea regarding the necessities is significant because failing to acquire permission can result in heavy fines.

2. Size of dumpster

Various models of roll-off dumpsters are available based on the amount of cubic yards worth of waste they can store internally. The usual size of the rental dumpster in Houston, TX is 10, 20, 30, and 40-yard models. Apart from the amount of physical debris they can hold, these dumpsters also differ by the weight involved. Fill the containers only up to halfway with heavy materials such as concrete, or else transportation will be a difficult task. Always rent a dumpster one size larger than the size you think you need. Renting a second bin due to underestimation of your requirements can be expensive.

3. Easily accessible

A dumpster unit with a larger capacity will tend to grow deep than the one with a smaller capacity. It is because the companies use a fixed-sized frame to haul different containers with ease. It is an issue for the people who need to get heavy materials in, and so they order large-sized dumpsters. If you are also one amongst them, ensure that your rental allows modifications for easy access. As long as you let the depots know about your requirements, most of them will have no trouble making suitable adjustments.

4. Duration of renting

Rent a dumpster in Houston, TX, for a fixed duration. The rental cost involves basic fees and daily charges. The services are expensive, and so you must use them wisely. To reduce the cost, you can order units for a specific period. It, however, is a hectic task in projects that are overrun. While booking, do check for depots that offer long-term discounts.

5. Types of restricted waste

Most dumpster renting companies allow storing only solids in their units. Anything other than that is not allowed. For example, you cannot dispose of waste like paint, oil, computers, televisions, and varnish in the dumpster unit. It is essential to check the policy of the dumpster depot regarding the waste types allowed in their bins before renting.

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